Interior features

Cigarette lighter (if equipped)

Cigarette lighter (if equipped) For the cigarette lighter to work, the ignition switch must be in the ACC or ON position.

To use the cigarette lighter, push it all the way into its socket. When the element is heated, the lighter will pop out to the “ready” position.

If it is necessary to replace the cigarette lighter, use only a genuine KIA replacement or its approved equivalent.

• Do not hold the lighter in after it is already heated because it will overheat.

• If the lighter does not pop out within 30 seconds, remove it to prevent overheating.

Only a genuine KIA lighter should be used in the cigarette lighter socket. The use of plug-in accessories (shavers, hand-held vacuums, and coffee pots, etc.) may damage the socket or cause electrical failure.

Ashtray (if equipped)

Ashtray (if equipped) To use the ashtray, open the cover.

To clean or empty the ashtray, pull it out.

WARNING - Ashtray use • Do not use the vehicle’s ashtrays as waste receptacles.

• Putting lit cigarettes or matches in an ashtray with other combustible materials may cause a

Cup holder

WARNING - Hot liquids • Do not place uncovered cups with hot liquid in the cup holder while the vehicle is in motion. If the hot liquid spills, you burn yourself. Such a burn to the driver could lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

• To reduce the risk of personal injury in the event of sudden stop or collision, do not place uncovered or unsecured bottles, glasses, cans, etc., in the cup holder while the vehicle is in motion.

Cups or small beverage cans may be

Cups or small beverage cans may be placed in the cup holders.


Use the sunvisor to shield direct light through the front or side windows.

To use the sunvisor, pull it downward.

To use the sunvisor for the side window, pull it downward, unsnap it from the bracket (1) and swing it to the side (2).

To use the vanity mirror, pull down the visor and pull up the mirror cover (3).

The ticket holder (4) is provided for holding a tollgate ticket. (if equipped)

Power outlet (if equipped)

Power outlet (if equipped) The power outlet is designed to provide power for mobile telephones or other devices designed to operate with vehicle electrical systems. The devices should draw less than 10 amps with the engine running.

• Use the power outlet only when the engine is running and remove the accessory plug after use.

Using the accessory plug for prolonged periods of time with the engine off could cause the battery to discharge.

• Only use 12V electric accessories which are less than 10A in electric capacity.

• Adjust the air-conditioner or heater to the lowest operating level when using the power outlet.

• Close the cover when not in use.

• Some electronic devices can cause electronic interference when plugged into a vehicle’s power outlet. These devices may cause excessive audio static and malfunctions in other electronic systems or devices used in your vehicle.

Do not put a finger or a foreign element (pin, etc.) into a power outlet and do not touch with a wet hand.

You may get an electric shock.

Shopping bag holder

Shopping bag holder
(if equipped)

Do not hang a bag weighing more than 3 kg (7 lbs.). It may cause damage to the shopping bag holder.

Clothes hanger (if equipped)

Clothes hanger (if equipped)

Do not hang heavy clothes, the hook may be damaged.

The actual feature may differ from the illustration.

Luggage net holder (if equipped)

Luggage net holder (if equipped) To keep items from shifting in the cargo area, you can use the holders located in the cargo area to attach the luggage net.

If necessary, contact your authorized KIA dealer to obtain a luggage net.

To prevent damage to the goods or the vehicle, care should be taken when carrying fragile or bulky objects in the luggage compartment.

To avoid eye injury, DO NOT overstretch the luggage net. ALWAYS
keep your face and body out of the luggage net’s recoil path. DO NOT use the luggage net when the strap has visible signs of wear or damage.

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