Outside rearview mirror Be sure to adjust mirror angles before driving.

Your vehicle is equipped with both lefthand and right-hand outside rearview mirrors. The mirrors can be adjusted remotely with the control levers or remote switch, depending on the type of mirror control installed. The mirror heads can be folded back to prevent damage during an automatic car wash or when passing in a narrow street.

• The right outside rearview mirror is convex. Objects seen in the mirror are closer than they appear.

• Use your interior rearview mirror or direct observation to determine the actual distance of following vehicles when changing

Do not scrape ice off the mirror face; this may damage the surface of the glass. If ice should restrict movement of the mirror, do not force the mirror for adjustment. To remove ice, use a deicer spray, or a sponge or soft cloth with very warm water.

Manual remote control

Manual remote control (if equipped)
To adjust an outside mirror, move the control lever located at the forward inside area of the window frame.

Electric remote control

Electric remote control (if equipped)
The electric remote control mirror switch allows you to adjust the position of the left and right outside rearview mirrors. To adjust the position of either mirror, move the lever (1) to R or L to select the right side mirror or the left side mirror, then press a corresponding point ( ) on the mirror adjustment control to position the selected mirror up, down, left or right.

After adjustment, put the lever into neutral position to prevent the inadvertent adjustment.

• The mirrors stop moving when they reach the maximum adjusting angles, but the motor continues to operate while the switch is depressed. Do not depress the switch longer than necessary, the motor may be damaged.

• Do not attempt to adjust the outside rearview mirror by hands. Doing so may damage the parts.

Folding the outside rearview

Folding the outside rearview mirror
To fold outside rearview mirror, grasp the housing of mirror and then fold it back, toward the rear of the vehicle.

Outside rearview mirror heater (if equipped)
The outside rearview mirror heater is automatically turned on when the rear window defroster is turned on. To heat the outside rearview mirror glass, push the button for the rear window defroster.

The rearview mirror heater (and rear window defroster) will not operate unless the engine is running.

The outside rearview mirror glass will be heated for defrosting or defogging and will give you improved rear vision in inclement weather conditions. Push the button again to turn the heater off. The outside rearview mirror heater automatically turns off after 20 minutes.

Inside rearview mirror
Adjust the rearview mirror to center on the view through the rear window. Make this adjustment before you start driving.

Do not place objects in the rear seat or cargo area which would interfere with your vision out the rear window.

Day/night rearview mirror

Day/night rearview mirror (if equippzed)
Make this adjustment before you start driving and while the day/night lever is in the day position.

Pull the day/night lever toward you to reduce glare from the headlights of vehicles behind you during night driving.

Remember that you lose some rearview clarity in the night position.

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